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CT are...
Peter Kreutlein & Randy Stack
...and whomever else may happen by or call during a session.
"Downward Flight of Birds" featured Jeff Stachowski as frontman.

CT friends...
The (un)Official ToastyFried Co-op Website
Tom Harris, Pope of Secular Humanism
Michael Griffin, Scribus Toasticus
The Ye Ole Toasty Story Page
VixPix - Tits Out for Multiple Sclerosis

Randy Stack & Bob Moog, circa 1982

In remembrance of Dr. Robert
music teacher, my inspiration & my friend.

CT songs...
100 Bottles o' Beer(1m24s,330k)
a goodesyn (osizla?(6m10s,1451k)
All But Lost(37m19s,8755k)
Alle' Baha'(0m55s,219k)
an Harmonical of ne'Armanicus(1m23s,329k)
Aunt Helen's Bath(21m30s,5046k)
Beluvious Tense(1m11s,282k)
Beneath the Poultry Sky(3m1s,712k)
Beyond the Firewall(3m27s,813k)
Bolivious Monk(12m08s,2848k)
Christmas Rake(0m41s,165k)
CT at Rest(4m36s,1083k)
CT go West(2m37s,618k)
CT Quila(1m59s,469k)
CT Reprise(1m19s,313k)
CT Scenes(1m44s,411k)
CT Shanty(0m33s,133k)
CT Trouble(3m19s,782k)
Dancing Portacles(8m15s,1938k)
Dhakat Ingles(6m43s,1578k)
Frog Piano(0m32s,129k)
Gamenolose e pir Weellen(6m28s,1520k)
Kharma Humphrey(4m30s,1059k)
lo res canonical(1m13s,287k)
Month Song(2m34s,606k)
Nicholas' Apple(7m33s,1774k)
Pommeled Flutes(5m43s,1344k)
Shirt Wave Radio(5m39s,1329k)
Simian Calliope of Crimness(2m24s,567k)
Sombering Base(6m26s,1512k)
Summer Vacation(5m51s,1376k)
The Lord's Impromptu Visit(6m38s,1559k)
Unpleasant Orchestra(1m16s,301k)
Uriera Noseland(4m44s,1112k)
What's the Use?(4m0s,942k)
Where You Is (Where You Are)(4m33s,1071k)
(before CT - circa 1981 - there was "Downward Flight of Birds")
Under the Pier(2m51s,669k)
Industrial Nature(2m4s,485k)
Polyphonic Woo(2m12s,516k)
(last but not least, six CT tunes as General MIDI files in a .zip)
CT meet General MIDI(MIDI,55k)
CT go West - CT Scenes - CT Shanty - CT at Rest - CT Trouble - CT Reprise

CT play...
(some instruments include links)
African Grey Parrot (aka "Tacuma") - Bath Tub (via hydrophone) - Beer Bottles - Bird, Cow & Turtle Ocarinas - Buchla 700 Synthesizer - Buchla Lightning Space Controller - Buchla Thunder Touch Controller - Car Keys - Cardboard Tube - Casio DH100 Digital Horn - Catfish Guitar - Chapman Stick (half-fretless) - Doepfer MAQ16/3 MIDI Analog Sequencer - Echo Speech Synthesizer - Electric Shaver - E-mu Modular Synthesizer - Ensoniq Mirage Sampler - Eventide DSP4000 & H3000SE Ultra-Harmonizers - Fairlight CMI IIx Sampler & Voicetracker - Fish Guiro - Fostex Foundation 2000/DFM Digital Audio Workstation - Frog Piano - Gravikord - Genesis Biologic Signal Processor with "MindSong" - Ibanez AD202 Analog Delay - Korg VC-10 Vocoder - Korg WaveDrum Synthesizer - Kramer 8-string & Fretless Basses - Kurzweil 2000 Sampler/Synthesizer - Kurzweil 250 Sampler - Log Drum - M'Bira - MemoryMoog & MemoryMoog+ Synthesizers - Moog Source Synthesizer - Paper - Recently-MIDIed Polyphonic Wazoo - Rocks - Roland Sound Canvas Sound Module - Scissors & Glue - Sequential Circuits Drumtrax - Silicon Graphics Computers - SoundField Tetrahedral Microphone - Stapler - Steiner EVI Wind Controller - Symbolic Sound Kyma DSP-Workstation - Synton Syntovox SPX-216 Vocoder - Technos Acxel Resynthesizer - Various Kitchen Implements - Vocalizer 1000 Voice Controller - Waterphone - Yamaha DX-1 Synthesizer - Yamaha QY700 Sequencer

CT reviews...
Following are some of the reviews we received on our first 'commercial' release - "Blues Resolution" - wa-a-ay back in 1989...
"This has nothing to do with the blues. It has a lot to do with exotic equipment (Fairlight IIx, Kurzweil 250, Breakaway Vocaliser 1000, Echo Speech Synthesizer, EVI, etc.) in a bedroom in Florida under the control of two half-crazed / half-brilliant friends. Academic music with the attitude replaced with a benevolent interest in exploring mysterious melodies, rhythms, frequency, spectra and harmonic relationships. By the way - thanks, but no thanks for the clove chewing gum."
(Music Technology, Jan '90)
"I promise to always be sad and play guitar . . . Unlike anything else on the 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Watts label, the Crimson Twins are a heavily atmospheric, airy ensemble, covering all kinds of synth-turf from new age feathers and fluff to the Risky Business-soundtrack hippie-synth-boogie grooves of Tangerine Dream, and more. Listening beyond the po-mo quotes and arcane incantations on the cassette's J-card, one finds an adventurous exploration of sonic landscapes, from the rarefied air of the Tubular Bells-like intro to 'Dancing Portacles' through T-Dream landscapes to Thelonious Monk interpretations to the slightly strange 'Shirt Wave Radio', which features the added excitement of a rare cameo appearance on scat vocals by a guy named Java-Bot Beatnik Poet, among other treats. Technically, this tape is passable - they've even MIDI-ed their Polyphonic Wazoo - but while much of Blues Resolution is interesting ambience and intriguing trickery, there still is a lot of room for this band to grow before they can completely fill a studio and command attention."
(CMJ New Music Report, Aug '89)
"These six songs, curious sonic collages and musical explorations, give you a glimpse of their creators: Randy Stack and Peter Kreutlein Collectively known as the Crimson Twins, Randy and Peter blend traditional jazz with a modern synthetic style. They're also successful at fusing non-standard electric instruments (e.g. fretless bass, Chapman Stick, catfish guitar(!?)) with the high-tech electronic toys of the past few years, not to mention the 'Polyphonic Wazoo MIDI controller'."
(Independent Music Network, Fall '89)
"Peter Kreutlein and Randy Stack deploy an impressive army of synthesizers and processing equipment on this release, producing half-a-dozen instrumentals as a result. Unfortunately, many of them seem to drag as they beat a simple musical phrase into the ground. Too slow-moving and monotonous for my tastes."
(Factsheet Five, Oct '89)
"Not much to do with blues, but rather six tracks of interesting compositions by Peter Kreutlein and Randy Stack on a battery of high-tech synths and peripherals. The general tone is easygoing and flowing with exotic overtones suggestive, occasionally, of mysterious jungle locales. 'Shirt Wave Radio' is a humorous opus of rhythmic clicks and bangs with altered voices. The feature track, a 12-minute 'Bolivious Monk', is a skilled yet laid back jazzy number in a cool groove. An enjoyable tape."
(OPTION Music Alternatives, Nov/Dec '89)
Curiously, our reviews seem to be improving a bit as we age. To wit (regarding 'Uriera Noseland'): "...once in a while you come across some really cool stuff like this. Not the pre-sweetened tripe that usually passes for electronic music, this is the real stuff. They have a great spirit of adventure about their music that keeps me coming back. Hopefully everyone will catch up with this group some day."
(Greer Island Electronic Musicians Guild, June 2000)
"Randy Stack and Peter Kreutlein employ a prodigious array of noisemakers -- ranging from Buchlas and Fairlights to their car keys and an African Gray parrot -- in a dedicated search for the aural Rosetta Stone. Balancing jazzily uncompromising and unpredictable experimentation with an uncanny knack for skirting academic unlistenability, these engaging and distinctive pieces investigate improbable rhythms, the gestation of genre and the kind fortunes of chance. No mere sonic spew, this is everything that Experimental music can and should be."
(Jeff Kihn,, Fall 2000)
And, regarding '100 Bottles o' Beer', "You don't have to be drunk to appreciate this. To find out if being drunk helps, listen to this while drinking a glass of water, and while holding a stethoscope to your abdomen, ask aloud, 'Does being drunk help one appreciate this music?' Listen closely, perhaps the water will answer."
(Rain God's Picks, October 2000)
But, by far, our most glowing review came from Christopher Yavelow - electronic music composer extraordinaire, author of The Macworld Music and Sound Bible (IDG, 1993), Making Music With Your Computer (Mix, 1993), The Music Machine (MIT, 1988), The Player's Reference Guide to the Kurzweil K250 and creator of the 'YAV Music Engine' - who said: "Cool! (you can quote me)"
Thanks, Chris...we will. :)

...should you feel any compulsion to write us, click on the "CT-mail" link below and write away. In return, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you've brought a glimmer of joy into our somewhat peculiar lives. And these days of ever-increasing complexity, it's nice to find two musicians who look so much alike.