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Volunteer Your PC (VYPC).

That about sums it up in my opinion.

You volunteer your PC (and more specifically your spare CPU's, HDD space and bandwidth) by installing the UD Agent on your PC and letting it run. The UD agent is very non intrusive on your system and can be either run as a screen saver or just as an application.

The UD agent currently runs two applications within itself. The first (and primary task) is the THINK application which does comparison tests between molecules and proteins for the University of Oxford to cut down on research time for various forms of cancer. The other (and secondary task) is the Web Testing Application which tests web site speed for Exodus Communications (in order to monitor how long a web site loads on different connections and to possibly improve their performance).

UD allows and encourages members to opt in and opt out of any task that the UD agent runs.

One of the problems with UD has been growing pains. The reaction to the UD agent has been overwhelming... and that has put a strain on the UD servers. A lot of people trying to connect all at once does cause some problems.

Other than that, my opinion is that they have handled issues with their agent very well. Yes, of course UD isn't perfect, but based on my experience and others' reactions to how UD handles itself they are one of the best distributed computing company's out there.

The member community if great. Fabulous. Extraordinary. By reading the forums you can find answers to almost every question relating to UD as a company and the UD agent. Even if the question has been asked before, most of the members have no problem answering it again. UD staff frequents the forums as well and provide insights and tidbits to what's happening and offering "official" answers to questions.

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